How AeroSolver Works


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AeroSolver™ completes the cleaning process by removing particles that remain floating in the air throughout the environment.  Dispensed by  a wet fogger, AeroSolver's patented process fills the entire environmental envelope with ultra fine droplets, surrounding and grabbing airborne particles

It is specially developed to evaporate slowly - providing enough time for the weighed-down particles to fall to the floor, where they can be safely vacuumed or wiped away for good.  This is how Nature cleans pollen out of the air with a good Spring rain.

Now the hazardous particles are out of the breathing space and physically removed from the environment! 

Hazardous fine and ultra-fine inhalable particles can remain in the air you breathe, floating on air currents indefinitely.

PROBLEM:  Other fogging cleaning methods that attempt to capture these particles use formulations that evaporate quickly.

RESULT:  The particles are released and re-suspend into the air.

Other Fogging Products


AeroSolver™ must be applied with a recommended fogger. The air currents created by the fogger, combined with the properties of the product are critical to achieving best results.

The area highlighted in red shows the area of highest capture efficiency. When applying AeroSolver, think of “sweeping” the air with this high capture zone.