Advanced Technology for Cleaning Indoor Air
What is AeroSolver?
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Why Active Capture?
Rather than rely on air flow to push particles through a filter, AeroSolver fills the volume of the room with a particle capturing fog. It is ideal for ever-changing remediation environments. Typical features such as  corners and fixtures present a challenge for air-flow dependent methods like HEPA filtration. Use AeroSolver to insure no particle is left behind.
AeroSolver captures and weighs down fine and ultrafine particles without corrosive oxidizers or free radicals. After the air is cleared, the residue and offending particles on surfaces are removed via damp wiping to leave a truly clean environment. AeroSolver evaporates slowly so particles do not re-aerosolize during damp wiping, yet does not permanently seal to surfaces.
AeroSolver Air Cleaner is a water-based fogging concentrate for a patented method to clear particles out of indoor air.  It's ease of use and superior air cleaning properties deliver time and cost savings, while vastly improving the results of any cleanup or remediation job.

In remediation environments, AeroSolver is FASTER and MORE ECONOMICAL to use than air scrubbers!

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